Second week of the Austro-Israeli Expedition to Lachish

Our second week of excavations in Area S has been completed. We continued cleaning the wall of a substantial building of Stratum S-3 (Late Bronze II) and started excavating two additional walls that seem to pre-date the S-3 phase. Lyndelle sampled additional contexts preserved in the old baulks of the previous excavation that originally were interpreted as threshing floors, rich in short-lived material for radiocarbon dating, and started retrieving a cedar (?) beam from the Lachish Level VII destruction visible in the southern section of Square D/11, which will be analyzed by Brita Lorentzen (Cornell University) later this year. This beam might be suitable for wiggle-matching and could potentially serve as a terminus post quem for the destruction of Level VII.

Finds included more fragments of Cypriot White Slip and Base Ring imports, one rare neck fragment of a Black Lustrous Wheel-Made Ware juglet from a Stratum S-2 context, and two imported Egyptian Nile B2 body sherds (unfortunately without any context).

We also welcomed several visitors, local and from abroad, such as Ilan Sharon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Aaron Burke (University of California, Los Angeles), Aaron Greener (Albright Institute), Paula Phillips (University of Melbourne), Nadia Knudsen (Tel Aviv University and University College London), and Eli Yannai (Israel Antiquities Authority) to whom we are most grateful for his advice on excavation strategy and Late Bronze Age pottery analysis.

On Friday, volunteers and staff went on a well-deserved trip to Jaffa, visited the Egyptian gate complex of the Late Bronze Age, excavated by the Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project directed by Aaron Burke and Martin Peilstöcker (see their preliminary report here), and enjoyed the beach and the old city of Jaffa in the afternoon.

We are very much looking forward to our third week of excavation, and will keep you updated in our next blog post next week.

Photos by Jellie

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