Third week of the Austro-Israeli Expedition to Lachish

The third week of excavation has been successfully completed. We went down in several squares next to the substantial Phase S-3 building and started a deep probe in C/9 to reach the earlier levels. Fragments of Late Bronze Age I cooking pots have already been uncovered and we hope to get more early Late Bronze Age material this coming week. In the westernmost Square C/11, a smashed Late Bronze storage jar in a corner of the building complex next to the substantial Phase S-3 building has been uncovered and north of some enigmatic wall remains in C/8, we uncovered a thick plastered floor. Finds included more Cypriot White Slip and Base Ring material and our first Mycenaean import from a stratified context. Continuing her work focusing on radiocarbon sampling, Lyndelle took in situ Phase S-2 sediment blocks from the southern section of D/11 for micromorphological analysis. We are very much looking forward to our fourth and final week of excavation and will keep you updated on our progress!

Photos by Jellie.

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