Staff week finished – we are back in the field

We just finished our staff week and will be back in the field by tomorrow. Before that we visited friends and colleagues at Legio (Matt Adams and Susan Cohen), Tel Kabri (Assaf Yasur-Landau and Eric Cline) and Tell Keisan (Gunnar Lehmann and David Schloen) and welcomed a Czeck team from the University of Pilsen headed by Ladislav Šmejda that untertook soil analysis of ashy layers of Stratum S-2 in Area S. The last couple of days we spent with our Area and Square Supervisors cleaning Area S and Area P, encountering the occasional tortoise and chameleon, setting up shadecloths, getting office and accommodation organized, and training staff in digital documentation. Lyndelle Webster and Brita Lorentzen located more organic samples (both seed and wood) from the excavations of David Ussishkin at Tel Aviv University and we had the chance to discuss our excavation strategies with Amihai Mazar from Hebrew University on the site itself. Today, we enjoyed the traditional 4th of July BBQ with our friends at the Albright Institute and are looking forward welcoming our volunteers, coming from over 15 different countries across four continents!

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