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New publications

Check out the latest issue of the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections with papers by Katharina Streit and Ann-Kathrin Jeske on the presence of Egyptians in the southern Levant during the New Kingdom, by Lyndelle Webster et al. on Lachish, Papyrus Hermitage 1116A and radiocarbon dating, and by Felix Höflmayer on the expulsion of the Hyksos in light of recent radiocarbon dating. Many thanks to Susan Cohen (Montana State University) and Matthew Adams (Albright Institute) for editing this special issue of JAEI!

Also check out Felix’ and Katharina’s chapter on radiocarbon dating and social archaeology in the brand new volume “The Social Archaeology of the Levant. From Prehistory to the Present” edited by Assaf Yasur-Landau, Eric Cline and Yorke Rowan and published by Cambridge University Press!

Tracing Transformations at the upcoming ASOR Annual Meeting in Denver, CO


Don’t miss the upcoming talks by our team at the ASOR Annual Meeting in Denver, CO!

Thursday, November 15:

Session 2C. Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages II (Evergreen C)
Lyndelle Webster (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Felix Höflmayer (Austrian Academy
of Sciences), Katharina Streit (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Steven Ortiz
(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), Samuel Wolff (Israel Antiquities
Authority), Yuval Gadot (Tel Aviv University), Marcella Barbosa (Southwestern Baptist
Theological Seminary), and Michael Dee (University of Groningen), “New Radiocarbon Based Chronologies for City-States of the Late Bronze Age Shephelah” (20 min.)
Ann-Kathrin Jeske (University of Vienna), “Where Did Members of Egyptian Institutions
Go to Supply Their King with Things He Desired? A Look at the Southern Levant during
the 18th Dynasty” (20 min.)

Session 4C. Archaeology of the Southern Levant I (Evergreen C)
Felix Höflmayer (Austrian Academy of Sciences), “Egypt and the Levant in the Middle
Bronze Age: Historical Implications of a High Radiocarbon Chronology” (20 min.)
Katharina Streit (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Felix Höflmayer (Austrian
Academy of Sciences), “Tel Lachish during the Middle and Late Bronze Age—The
Results of the First Two Seasons of the Austro-Israeli Expedition” (20 min.)