Johana Tlusta

bulharskoJohana obtained her bachelor’s degree in Classical archaeology at Charles University in Prague and continued her studies at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University where she received a master’s degree in Museum Studies and Archaeology of Roman Provinces. Currently she is a PhD student at the Institute of Classical Archaeology at Charles University. From the very beginning of her studies she has engaged in organizing events for public, exhibitions and educational programs for children focused on archaeology and she is overall interested in the relationship between public and archaeology. Therefor she chose to do a research in this field of study within her dissertation, which bears the title The Relationship between Classical Archeology and Public in the Czech Republic and its Development.

Johana joined the project “Tracing Transformations” in 2018 as a volunteer. Since 2019 she has been participating as a square supervisor at Area S and a photographer. She also utilizes her enthusiasm for public archaeology and assists with content creation for social media of this project.


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