Katharina Streit

KatharinaKatharina Streit is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, researching development and changes in material culture from the Middel to the Late Bronze Ages (Material Culture Project). She co-directs the Tel Lachish excavations with Felix Höflmayer and Ilan Sharon. Katharina published extensively on chronological questions and radiocarbon dating from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Ages. Katharina began her studies at the University of Freiburg, received her undergraduate training at Oxford University and finished her MA and PhD studies at the Institute of Archaeology of Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Her PhD research focused on long distance connections of the Wadi Rabah culture of the southern Levant, dating to the 6th mil. cal BC. In this framework, she directed five seasons of excavations at Ein el-Jarba, a key site of the Wadi Rabah culture. This project is now in its publication stage.

Katharina Streit on academia.edu

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