Lyndelle Webster


Lyndelle joins Tracing Transformations as a PhD candidate of the University of Vienna. Her key research goal will be the construction of a radiocarbon-backed absolute chronology for the Middle to Late Bronze Age transition in the southern Levant. Her work will include field excavation, selection of samples from key sites for radiocarbon dating, and construction of Bayesian chronological models.

Lyndelle comes to the project from Australia, with a multi-disciplinary background in physics, engineering and archaeology. Her research interests lie at the intersection of these disciplines. After working for several years in engineering, Lyndelle pursued her passion for ancient history and archaeology, completing a masters degree in Ancient Near Eastern archaeology. She has developed particular interests in scientific dating methods, with experience in radiocarbon dating and Optically Stimulated Luminescence. For the past two years Lyndelle’s research (based at Macquarie University, Sydney) has focused on the site of Tel Azekah in the Shephelah region of Israel, developing a radiocarbon chronology for the site with particular emphasis on the Late Bronze Age. Under the Tracing Transformations project, Lyndelle will expand her work on Late Bronze chronology, particularly the enigmatic earlier part of the period and the transition from the Middle Bronze Age. Lyndelle’s other research interests involve the intersection of archaeology and civil engineering, such as ancient water systems and construction methods.

Within the Austrian-Israeli excavations at Lachish, Lyndelle supervises Area S.


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