Mikolaj Budner

Mikolaj - Photo for websiteMikolaj Budner is currently an independent researcher interested in two fields: contact between societies in the eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age and evolution of cultural bonds in the Neolithic.

He did his BA degree in Oriental and Classical Archaeology at the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznań (with a thesis on “Cultural, Political and Economic Relations between the Minoan and Mycenaean Societies”). Also at AMU, he has finished his MA studies in Oriental and Classical Archaeology and Heritage Management (with an thesis on “Aegean Swords and Daggers during the Bronze Age”).

Mikolaj has participated in excavation projects in Lubrza (PL), Kakucs-Turján (H), Giecz (PL), Bruszczewo (PL), Çatalhöyük (TR), Akrai (IT) and since 2017 at Tel Lachish. In 2020 he will also join to the Marea Excavation Project in Egypt

In 2019 Mikołaj was awarded a scholarship by the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology for the project “Changes in Construction of Bronze Age Swords and Daggers as a Result of Socio-political Perturbations in the Aegean, Egypt, and Levant”.

Mikolaj joined the Austrian-Israeli Expedition in 2017 as a volunteer and since 2018 is a square supervisor in Area S.


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