Tereza Holasová

67761881_10214142930235149_5637435130537574400_nTereza obtained her bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and Jewish studies at Palacký University in Olomouc. In her bachelor thesis, she analysed Jewish burial rites and funeral customs occurring at the oldest Jewish cemetery in Prossnitz. Beside her interest in the archaeology of Judaism, she has a passion for the Iron Age in the southern Levant. Therefore she chose to spend the summer semester 2017-2018 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem within the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange programme. Since 2017 she has assisted with the documentation and registration of archaeological finds at the Department of Archaeology of the National Heritage Institute in Olomouc.

Tereza joined the project “Tracing Transformations” as a volunteer in 2018 and is currenty square supervisor in Area P.

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